Welcome to Stolen Recipe’s Tea Brewery, where we craft the best tea based beverages. In Summer 2017/18 we are opening our doors via our selected café/restaurant partners where you can experience Stolen Recipe like never before! Ice teas, tea sodas, ice tea floats with sorbet, smoked tea cocktails and loose leaf teas. Find your local café/restaurant here.

We salute the dark and colorful ‘Stolen’ history of tea, which left a mark on the world! Robert Fortune, the ‘Tea Thief’ committed the most infamous industrial espionage in 1848 when he stole the recipe and secrets of tea from Imperial China for all to enjoy.

Stolen Recipe disrupts the status quo with all that we create. From the ingredients, we use to the way we craft our products. In 2008, Stolen Recipe made its mark with Australia’s only freshly brewed ice tea with no added sugar.

Just as we have left our mark, we give you a shout-out to do the same – make your mark by doing things differently and embracing your individuality!